Pro Tip Home Staging: 7 Staging Tips to Make Your Home Sell Faster

77% of Buyers’ Agents said Staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home

Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for sale at the highest offer


1.) Get Rid of the Clutter 

One key element in preparing your home for sale is to get rid of clutter.
Make a house rule that for every new item that comes in.
An old one has to leave.
One of the major contributors to a cluttered look is having too much furniture.
Cut down on the amount of pieces that you have in the room
Only keep furniture that illustrates the best of what your rooms have to offer.

2.) Group Your Furniture 

There is a common belief that rooms will feel larger and easier to use
if all of the furniture is pushed against the walls.
This isn’t the case.
Furnish your space by floating furniture away from walls.
Reposition sofas and chairs into cozy conversational groups ( great for open houses ! )
Place pieces so that the traffic flow in a room is obvious.
This will not only make the space more appealing for future users
but it will open the room up, making it appear larger than it is .

3.) Light it Up

One of the things that make staged homes look so warm and welcoming
Is great lighting.
Many of our homes are improperly lit.
To fix this.
Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures.
Aim for a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet.
For optimal lighting
Ensure you have three types of lights within a room:
1.) Ambient (general or overhead)
2.) Task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading)
3.) Accent (table and wall)

4.) Make Moves

Dont be afraid to move furniture, artwork and accessories.
Just because an armchair has been settled in the living room
Doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other areas of the home.
Create viginettes by grouping multiple pieces in the home together on tables
For maximum visual appeal to future buyers

5.) Better in 3’s 

Mixing the right accessories can make a room more inviting.
When it comes to creating an eye pleasing arrangent of accessories
Odd numbers are preferable
Especially in three.
For maximum effect
Group accessories by
1.) Color
2.) Shape
3.) Texture
or some other unifying element

6.) Neutral Not Boring

Painting a room with  a fresh neutral color
Helps tone down dated finishes in the space.
No more white walls
Take a chance and test a quart of paint in a warm, neutral hue.
Now in interior design the definition of neutral extends way beyond beige
Warm Tans and Honeys to soft Blue-Greens.
As for bold wall colors, they have a way of reducing offers, so go with neutrals in large spaces.

7.) Fresh Faces

New cabinets aren’t always in the budget.
Instead opt for getting new doors and drawer fronts.
Paint everything to match
&& add new hardware.
Instead of replacing the entire dishwasher
You may be able to get a new front panel.
To see if replacements are available for your model
Just check with your manufacturer.
It only takes a few changes to give your home mass appeal to potential buyers.
Utilize these home staging tips
&& make your next home purchase ready !
Happy Selling,

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