Pro Tip Vignettes: Create Visually Appealing Arrangments

Vignette (vin’ yet) :

As related to interior design refers to tiny, curated style statement, made up of a group of objects that are displayed on a shelf, a table, or elsewhere within your space.

Here are some tips for styling perfect vignettes around your home

Tone Matters. 


Keep the same style or tone within pieces.

Try eclectic mixes.  Feel free to mix modern and vintage, bohemian and chic etc.

Just try to ensure that items visually  “belong” together.

Leave some Space.


Space is a key element to avoid the vignette appearing cluttered.

Give your pieces a little breathing room. Less is more.

Try to keep viginettes in groups of 3s to offer range without bombarding the space.

Hit Em’ High 

Hit Em’ Low 


Scale is important so be sure to vary height and width of your items.

Items that are of varied height allow the eye to move freely, instead of scanning over the space.

Organize pieces in different shapes as opposed to a straight line. Imagine a triangle and place one object at each point, arranging the largest items at the back and the smallest in front.

Texture- ize.


Keep it mixy.

Utilize varying textures as they allow for a seamless vignette.

You can get contrasting textures by playing with a mix of items; like a vase, a candle stick holder and a few books. These pieces are all different but all compliment one another.

Emphasize the complimentary factor by focusing on one color.

Give Em’ Personality.


When arranging your items don’t forget your personality !

Use items close to your heart like framed photo or piece of art.

Creating these vignettes work super well  in interior styling

because they allow your personality to shine through !

Which is always the most important element of any interior design project in your home.

So go for it,

Grab your extra knick knacks

and create some viginette magic!

Happy Home Styling,



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