Insider Sneak Peak of 2018’s Hottest Interior Styling Trends

Trend #1 Retro Color Palettes 

Don’t call it a come back! Muted color palettes like dust pink and sage were all the rage in tthe 50’s and 60’s. From exterior paint, to interior walls and everything in between retro colors along with all things vintage are making their way back around to our homes and our hearts.

Trend #2 Velvet Furnishings

Before vintage was vintage velvet was created in the Far East around the 13th century. Becoming immensely popular during the Italian Renaissance among royals there’s no wonder that this fabric is so clasically timeless. Velvet looks and feels super luxurious, giving any room a glamourous upgrade, so it’s a trend we are loving for 2018.

Trend #3 Agate Wallpaper

 Everyone is going crazy for crystals and stones in the age of the Aquarius. So it’s no shock to us that geodades and agate are making thier way into home decor from paper weights to wall paper. Specifically, these beautiful agate patterns are creating a unique splash in the homes of nature lovers everywhere. To be quite honest you don’t even have to love nature, these wall paper patterns are just plain cool. Want to give your walls a unique flair try these wallpapers on for size.

Trend #4 Brass Accents


Move over metallics, Brass is making a solid statement in 2018!  Brass originally suited for hardware started making it’s way back into homes as a much needed breakaway from traditional sterling silver fixtures. Now home decor designers are using Brass for everything from door knobs to light fixtures, to tables and chairs this trend is nothng less than solid gold.

Trend # 5 Bold Prints 

New year, New me, 2018 is all about being bold and brilliant! Prints have a way of making anything stand out.  Brighten up any room when you add a bold print into the mix. Whetther it’s an arm chair or a patterned wall paper using a print will turn your home decor from drab to fab.

Try out some of these amazing trends to give your home a fresh new take in 2018

Happy Home Styling,



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