Pop Champagne: Our Top 10 Champagne Favorites That Anyone Can Afford

Champagne wishes, Cavier dreams, Beer budget? No Problem. We’ve put together an amazing list of champagne favorites that anyone can grab, because these bottles are only $30 or less! Yes you can pop bottles without breaking the bank and for my budget concious we’ve put them in order from lowest to highest.

1.Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut




Another region of the world that shouldn’t be ignored is Spain, and Freixenet offers a quality taste with a terrific value. Their Carta Nevada Brut is refreshing, light and slightly sweet with fruit and vanilla flavors.


2.Poema Brut Rosé Cava




Rosé, like prosecco, might not be a traditional wedding beverage but this Spanish cava’s tasty aromas of strawberry, raspberry and rose petals, not to mention to pretty color, make it worth including.


3.Korbel Chardonnay Champagne

Sonoma Valley, California



The drinkable sparkling wine combines the flavors or apple and pear with warm, buttery flavors. It’s the kind of champagne wine lovers love to drink because it blends champagne with a traditional table wine.


4.Gruet Blanc de Blancs

New Mexico

  • gruetblancdeblancsbshrjpg_91$15.99

    New Mexico isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I think of great wine states, but Gruet Winery has been getting some good buzz lately, particularly for this affordable sparking wine. Its mature taste has a core of pear, apple and tropical fruit.

    5.Martini Prosecco

    Veneto, Italy



    Most people don’t think of prosecco as an option for wedding toasts, but it is a lovely, gently sparkling wine. This is a drinkable clean, crisp and light sparkler with a mix of fruity peach and apple.

6.Chandon Sweet Star




My absolute favorite Champagne on the market right now. Sweet Star is a sophisticated and vibrant sparkling wine that enlivens all occasions. Sweet Star pops with aromas of bright peach, nectarine, grapefruit and tropical fruits complimented by floral notes. The fruit aromas extend onto the generous palate which is rich and sweet but with a distinctive, refreshing acidity that brightens the mouthfeel. You can find this bottle for as low as $19.99 but I tend to find around $21 to be the average price.


7. Roederer Estate Brut

Anderson Valley, California



This delicious California sparkler starts off toasty and nutty, then reveals flavors of citrus, green apple, and pear. Incidentally, Roederer is also the same company who produces the champagne of choice for celebrities, Cristal, making this a rock-star champagne for a rock-bottom price.


8. Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Napa Valley, California

mumm npa


A crisp, dry sparkling wine that combines the flavors of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Mumm Napa exudes flavors of creamy vanilla, citrus and melon, and it finishes off rich and smooth. It also pairs well with all types of dishes.

9. Argyle Brut 2011




One of the most respected sparkling wines in this country, this champagne features coveted small bubbles and hints of spice, citrus blossoms and toasted brioche. A sophisticated sparkling wine, it’s fruity with only a hint of sweetness.


10. Belaire Rose




Feeling like a boss? Go for Belaire. Made popular by rap artist’s and clubs alike this bottle is definitely a top tier option and it only costs $30. This rosé is handcrafted from a blend of three grapes. Aromas of fresh strawberry and blackcurrant, an elegant effervescence, and a striking deep pink color combine to make Belaire Rosé a uniquely exquisite experience, with a perfect harmony of aroma, taste, body, and finish.

So live it up, Do it up. Now there is no excuse.
Happy Bottle Popping,

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