Trend #1 Retro Color Palettes 

Don’t call it a come back! Muted color palettes like dust pink and sage were all the rage in tthe 50’s and 60’s. From exterior paint, to interior walls and everything in between retro colors along with all things vintage are making their way back around to our homes and our hearts.

Trend #2 Velvet Furnishings

Before vintage was vintage velvet was created in the Far East around the 13th century. Becoming immensely popular during the Italian Renaissance among royals there’s no wonder that this fabric is so clasically timeless. Velvet looks and feels super luxurious, giving any room a glamourous upgrade, so it’s a trend we are loving for 2018.

Trend #3 Agate Wallpaper

 Everyone is going crazy for crystals and stones in the age of the Aquarius. So it’s no shock to us that geodades and agate are making thier way into home decor from paper weights to wall paper. Specifically, these beautiful agate patterns are creating a unique splash in the homes of nature lovers everywhere. To be quite honest you don’t even have to love nature, these wall paper patterns are just plain cool. Want to give your walls a unique flair try these wallpapers on for size.

Trend #4 Brass Accents


Move over metallics, Brass is making a solid statement in 2018!  Brass originally suited for hardware started making it’s way back into homes as a much needed breakaway from traditional sterling silver fixtures. Now home decor designers are using Brass for everything from door knobs to light fixtures, to tables and chairs this trend is nothng less than solid gold.

Trend # 5 Bold Prints 

New year, New me, 2018 is all about being bold and brilliant! Prints have a way of making anything stand out.  Brighten up any room when you add a bold print into the mix. Whetther it’s an arm chair or a patterned wall paper using a print will turn your home decor from drab to fab.

Try out some of these amazing trends to give your home a fresh new take in 2018

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I am absolutely obsessed with all things astrology.
No kidding, I check my horoscope on multiple sites daily, including Elle Magazine.
So when I came across these amazing tablescapes on Elle Decor, pairing two of my absolute favorite things. I literally swooned.
The zodiac, similar to home decor gives us a unique perspective on who we are.
The Elle Decor team linked up with the tabletop curators at Casa de Perrin and floral designer Megan Gray of Honey and Poppies to create 12 astrology-inspired table settings that do just that.
I’m obessessed with how beautifully accurate these tablescapes match to each zodiac sign. Check them out.


Aquarius is confident, original, and a little quirky. This spirit is interpreted with a freeform flat lay of hybrid delphinium euphorbia, joyfully making their own path along the tabletop.

Verona Charger in Antique White, $75 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Water & Wine Gobletsin Agave, from $18 | Bella Gold-RimmedChampagne Coupe in Agave, from $23.50 | The Botanicals Dinnerware in Blue, from $4 (for rent) | Flatware in Antique Silver, $1.95 (for rent) | Antique Crystal Salt Cellars, $2 (for rent)


On the more literal side, this place setting evokes a calm feeling with a subtle aquatic vibe for Pisces using orchids, air plants, hellebore, tulips, and ornamental kale that looks like it could have been plucked from a coral reef. Pisces is sensitive and empathetic, but can want to run away from their problems – much like the tulips wiggling out of the floral arrangement.

Anna Weatherley Charger in Aqua Sky & Gold, $154 | Anna Weatherley Plates in White & Gold, from $28 | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Goblets, from $16 | 5-piece Madison Flatware in Distressed Gold | White Enamel on Copper Salt Cellars, $60 |Salt Spoons in Gold, $12 | Salad Plate in Mist by Heath Cermics, from $4 (for rent) | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Glassware: Goblet in Lilac, $2.95 (for rent)



 Aries are bold, fiery, and attention-grabbing, and they require a tangle of explosive blooms to match. To symbolize this energetic sign, this place setting incorporates festival bush, bronze amaranthus, scabiosa, banksia, roses, and ranunculus.

Lace Charger in Dusty Blue, $65 | Maison Collection Dinner Plate in Matte Black, from $19 | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Goblets, from $16 | 5-piece Moon Flatware in Brushed Rose Gold, $89 | Redwood Salad and Bread Plates by Heath Ceramics, from $4 (for rent) | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Gobletsin Ruby Red, $2.95 (for rent) | Crystal Salt Cellars in Delphite, $2 (for rent)


Florentine Charger in Sage & Gold, $95 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Water & Wine Gobletsin Blush, $18 | Bella Gold-RimmedChampagne Coupe in Blush, from $23.50 | 5-piece Goa Flatware in Brushed Gold and Wood, $89 | 14K Salt Cellars Set, $60 | Salt Spoons in Gold, $12 | Bread Plate in Mist by Heath Ceramics, $4 (for rent)

birth month flowers


A Rorschach-esque floral arrangement that feels like a single setting splitting into two, best represents Gemini – twins who are charming, adventurous, and inventive. Here, orchids, tulips, sweet pea, and euphorbia do the trick.

The Signature Collection Dinnerware, from $28 | Chloe Platinum-Rimmed Goblets, from $16 | Chloe Platinum-RimmedChampagne Coupes, $21 | Goa 5-pieceFlatware in Brushed Steel & White, $89 | Silver Salt Cellars Set, $48

birth month flowers
 A soft and calming floral arrangement represents the nurturing, caring side of Cancers. A pile of Earl Grey roses is complimented with dusty miller, eryngium, astrantia, and eucalyptus, with pincer-like clematis trailing out.

Transatlantica Charger, $140 | Transatlantica Plates, from $33 | Goa 5-piece Flatware in Brushed Gold & Pink, from $89 | Pink Enamel on Copper Salt Cellars Set, $60 | Salt Spoons in Gold, $12 | Wildflower Salad Plate, $6 (for rent) | Vintage Colored Goblets in Light Blue, $2.95 (for rent) | Vintage Clear Early American Pressed Glass Goblets, $2.95 (for rent) | Vintage Clear Champagne Coupes, $2.95 (for rent)


birth month flowers

A golden mane of bronze amaranthus, orchids, protea, eucalyptus berries, dahlias, and orchids capture the bold, playful, dramatic Leo essence.

Anna Weatherley Charger in Sunburst Yellow, $154 | Goa 5-Piece Flatware in Brushed Gold & White, $89 | 14K Salt Cellars Set, $60 | Salt Spoons in Gold, $12 | The White Collection Dinner and BreadPlates, from $4 (for rent) | Salad Plate in Sunrise by Heath Ceramics, $6 (for rent) | Vintage Colored Goblets in Yellow, $2.95 (for rent) | Vintage Colored Goblets in Amber, $2.95 (for rent) | Vintage ClearChampagne Coupes, $2.95

birth month flowers


Virgos tend to be overly analytical and get caught up in the details, but they are also huge lovers of nature. This sentiment is represented by using many small, detailed, earthy foliages, including hellecho, sea star fern, begonia, pieris buds, hellebore, and vines, along with a mix of assorted earth-toned roses. The organic florals juxtaposed against the very structural herringbone tabletop make for the perfect Virgo mix of natural beauty and structural order.

Carrara Charger, $88 | Bella Gold-RimmedWater & Wine Goblets in Smoke, from $18 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Champagne Coupesin Smoke, from $23.50 | Oslo 5-pieceFlatware in Distressed Copper, $65 | CopperSalt Cellars Set, $44 | Copper Salt Spoons, $12 | Dinnerware in Indigo/Slate by Heath Ceramics, from $4 (for rent)

birth month flowers

Libras crave beauty and harmony, as in this centerpiece of classic romantic blooms that (while still a bit quirky and asymmetrical) feels balanced and harmonious. Inside: nerines, lisianthus, roses, astilbe, hyacinth, and anthurium.

Versailles Glass Charger in Gold, $185 | Goa 5-Piece Flatware in Brushed Gold and Blue, $89 | Bella Gold-RimmedChampagne Coupe in Agave, from $23.50 | Pink Enamel on Copper Salt Cellars Set, $60 | Salt Spoons in Gold, $12 | Butterfly Garden Dinner Plate by Mackenzie-Childs, $6 (for rent) | Versailles Glass Bread Platein Gold, $5 (for rent) | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Goblets in Tiffany and Pink, $2.95 (for rent)


birth month flowers

The magnetic, intense and obsessive Scorpio is celebrated sans flowers in this steely setting of copper, concrete gray and black.

Hammered Copper Charger, $42 |Dinnerware in Concrete, from $18 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Water & Wine Goblets in Black, from $18 | Bella Gold-RimmedChampagne Coupe in Black, from $23.50 | 5-piece Moon Flatware in Brushed Rose Gold, $89 | Black Enamel on Copper Salt Cellars, $60 | Salt Spoons in Gold, $12


birth month flowers

A fun and free-spirited centerpiece of calla lilies, gloriosa, celosia, and assorted berries are designed in a shape loosely inspired by a bow and arrow for the honest, optimistic and outdoorsy Sagittarius.

Anna Weatherley Charger in Purple Orchid & Gold, $154 | Maison Collection Dinner Plate in Brushed Gold, from $23 | Madison 5-piece Flatware Set in Distressed Copper, $89 | Copper Salt Cellars Set, $44 | CopperSalt Spoons, $12 | The Botanicals Salad and Bread Plates in Pink, from $4 (for rent) | Chloe Gold-Rimmed Goblets in Purple,Sapphire Blue, and Emerald Green, $2.95 (for rent)

birth month flowers

Capricorn is goal-oriented and likes structure, traits captured in this climbing swag of architectural blooms. Here, berzilia, eryngium, striped begonia leaves, asclepia pods, and just a touch of deep rust spray roses serve as a nod to that grounded earth sign energy.

Christian Lacroix Charger in Sol y Sombra, $145 | Christian Lacroix Dinnerware in Sol y Sombra, from $50 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Water & Wine Goblets in White, from $18 | Bella Gold-Rimmed Champagne Coupesin White, from $23.50 | Axel 5-pieceFlatware in Matte Gold & Black, $89 | Black Enamel on Copper Salt Cellars, $60 |Salt Spoons in Gold, $12


Original article by BY JESSICA CUMBERBATCH ANDERSON at Elle Decor 

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